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Anti-Icing ("Beet Heet" Blend) Application   

The Streets Division applies a mixture of de-sugared sugar beet molasses and salt brine during certain snow and ice events under favorable weather conditions where the liquid can enhance winter operations.  The product is environmentally friendly and safe for vehicles, pets, floors, etc. The liquid being applied is a blend of "Beet Heet", Salt Brine, and Chlorides which applied to the road surface prior (1-5 days) to an impending snow storm.  This product starts activating once snow moisture begins and breaks the ice bond between the cold pavement and the snow falling upon it.  This allows for faster clean up of streets and less usage of salt.  Please find the attached Street listing which illustrates the areas being applied. 


 Street Listing for Anti-Icing ("Beet Heet" Blend) Application 

These are the roadways that are currently anti-iced as part of the program. The program is expanding annually with the eventual goal of anti-icing all City maintained roadways.

Ward 1

Division Street and Train Station    

Potter - Wood Dale Rd to Catalpa

Catalpa - Potter to Windsor

Windsor - Wood Dale to Central

Sunnyside - Wood Dale to Central

Cedar - Montrose to Murray

Murray - Wood Dale to Cedar

Spring Oaks - Wood Dale To Cedar

Montrose Avenue - Wood Dale Road to Central Avenue                          

Ash Avenue and Irving Park Road - Ash Avenue to Potter Street to Central Avenue and Spruce 

Ash Avenue & Potter Street                                                   

Sherwood Drive into Royal Oaks Drive  - to Knollwood, Lilac, Wisteria, Pine Tree Ln., Mulberry, and Cypress  

Central - Deerpath to 83

Ethel - Central to Edgewood.

Edgewood - Oak Meadows to Deerpath

Woodside - Oak Meadows to Spruce

Crestwood - Woodside to Spruce

Spruce - Crestwood to 2nd

Spruce - Potter to Sherwood

Royal Oaks Drive                                                                                                                                

Ward 2                                                                                                                       

Elizabeth Drive - Wood Dale Road to Addison Road                             

Potter Street  - Addison Road to Prospect Avenue                      

Dalewood Avenue - Potter Street to Irving Park Road                          

Harvey Avenue - Irving Park to Carter

Forest View - Irving Park Rd to Carter

Carter - Forest View to Addison Rd

Station - Irving Park Rd to Potter

Forest Preserve - Addison Rd to Prospect

Gilbert - Addison Rd to Prospect

Ward 3

Mill Road - George St to Mill Rd Bridge                          

Prospect Avenue  - Mary Jane Ln to Irving Park Rd                                  

Potter Street - Prospect to Mill Rd            

Gilbert - Prospect to Mill Rd

Forest Preserve - Prospect to Mill Rd

Mary Jane Ln - Prospect to Mill Rd

George - Station to Mill Rd

Robin - George to Prospect

Paramount - Potter to Heritage

Heritage - Paramount to Century

Century - Heritage to Carter

Carter - Addison to Century

Ward 4

Edgewood Avenue - Foster to Irving Park Rd                        

Central Avenue - Foster to Irving Park Rd                                         

Front Street at Irving Park Road                                                       

Commercial Street - Wood Dale Rd to Pine                       

Stoneham Street  - Wood Dale Road to Poplar                                        

Elmhurst Street - Wood Dale Road to Poplar                                         

Itasca Street - Spruce to Central                                         

Foster Street - Central to Spruce                                        

Commercial Street -  Wood Dale Rd to Grove to School

School - Reservoir to Wood Dale Rd

Center Street                                                           

Industrial Area

Mittel - Wood Dale Rd to Devon                          

Hansen - Gerry to Wood Dale Rd                       

Gerry - Mittel to AEC                                                                                   

Central Avenue - Frontage Rd to Irving Park                        

Edgewood Avenue - Foster to Frontage Rd                              

Sivert Drive - Wood Dale Rd to Frontage Rd

Richert - Central to Lively

Lively - Richert to Frontage Rd