Mosquito Abatement

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The City of Wood Dale contracts with Clarke Environmental to provide mosquito abatement services for the Wood Dale community. The contractor performs multiple city-wide sprayings each year as part of an integrated pest management plan that includes inspections, surveillance of mosquito populations, and treatments for both larval and adult mosquito control. The program does not eliminate all mosquitoes, but controls the population to prevent the spread of West Nile Virus. 

Clarke Mosquito Control has a hotline established to answer all residents’ questions and concerns. The number is 1-800-942-2555. Please feel free to call them anytime for additional general information or for more specific information regarding your particular subdivision. They can give you detailed information about the numbers and types of mosquitoes found in your area and the methods they are using to control them. You can also call them to be placed on a notification list for sprayings.

New options for reporting nuisance mosquitoes or standing water.
Just go to to report standing water issues or high mosquito population levels from your laptop or phone. 

Do you want to be notified of nighttime adult mosquito applications?
Click on hotline link above and click 'REGISTER FOR SERVICE NOTIFICATIONS' at the bottom. Complete the information and create your own password, then click 'submit'. Your location will be verified to see if you live along an application route.