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Local Nonprofit Organization is Helping Wood Dale Residents Lower Energy Costs and Make Home Improvements

With the average Illinois household spending over $2000 annually on natural gas and electricity, there are many opportunities to save. To uncover these savings, a local non-profit, Elevate Energy, is helping homeowners in the Wood Dale area make smarter choices about energy.

 You may have noticed ComEd is installing new Smart Meters in the area. This new technology is creating more options for electricity rates for local residents. For example, ComEd offers a Residential Real-Time Pricing program, which takes advantage of smart meters to provide hourly pricing and has saved customers an average of over $100 each year since 2008, collectively saving $13 million. By paying the “wholesale” rate for electricity that changes every hour rather than a fixed price, participants take advantage of low-priced electricity during most of the fall, winter and spring. During the summer, participants can save by shifting energy use during summer weekday afternoons to the evenings or early mornings. Alternative supplier MC Squared also offers a rate with set prices for different times of day that may allow you to save money over the standard utility price. Local Elevate Energy advisors have more information on these and other options.

 Even bigger savings have been achieved by over 4000 customers who used the Energy Impact Illinois (EI2) program to make home energy improvements. These improvements cut their energy bills by an average of $400 per year. Homeowners that participate in EI2 begin with an energy assessment. The discounted price is just $99, or free if the homeowner hosts five or more neighbors for the energy assessment. Certified and vetted contractors use the assessment to find affordable improvements that maximize savings. Elevate Energy ensures the work gets done right and that homeowners learn about rebates and loans to reduce the cost.

 In addition to reducing energy bills, energy improvements can make homes more comfortable and valuable. Most homes (even newer ones) are too cold in the winter and too warm in the summer, which most families simply assume is normal. But with basic improvements every home can be much more comfortable year-round – and it’s hard to put a price on this. In addition, homes that make improvements which increase their efficiency by 15% or more are eligible for an Illinois Home Performance with Energy Star certificate. This proves the home is energy efficient when it is listed for sale, and research has proven that these homes sell faster and for higher prices.

To speak with someone and learn about their options, homeowners can contact their local Elevate Energy advisor Megan Visk, at (708) 408-7155 or megan.visk@elevateenergy.org, or by calling 844-922-1222.