Prevent Water Waste

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prevent water waste imageTips to save water in the bathroom…

  1. Check the toilet for leaks by putting a little food color in the tank, if the color come through to the bowl after a few minutes you have a leak and it should be repaired immediately.
  2. Stop using the toilet as an ash tray or waste basket, every time you flush a cigarette, a facial tissue, or a small bit of trash you waste 7 gallons of water.
  3. Put plastic bottles in you tank filled with pebbles, sand, or water safely away from the operating mechanism. The bottles displace water in the tank, on an average you will save on ten or more gallons of water a day.
  4. Take shorter Showers! Or install water saving shower heads. If you take baths; fill the tub half way, or fill it in as your sitting in it.
  5. Turn off the water after you wet your tooth brush and on again to rinse it, also fill the water glass and set it aside.
  6. Save while you shave! Fill the sink for rinsing you razor instead of having the water running.
  7. Fix your leaking faucets, you are wasting 20 gallons per day. Do an annual check around the house to detect leaks early. You might just have to change a washer.
  8. If you are able to locate you meter to read the numbers, take a late night reading and a early morning reading (be sure no water was used over night) if the numbers have advanced call the water department to schedule a service man to come check your meter.

Tips to save water in the kitchen…

  1. Be sure your dishwasher has a full load in it, small loads waste water.
  2. If you wash dishes by hand don’t leave the water running, fill one sink for washing and one sink for rinsing.

This information is designed to help the resident be a proactive a consumer.

Courtesy of the Wood Dale Public Works Utility Department.