Utility Restorations

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utility restorations imageFrom time to time it may be necessary for the Public Works Department to excavate an area adjacent to private property along a right-of-way or parkway.  Traditionally this is due to water, sanitary sewer, storm water sewer repair. 

All landscape repairs to these areas are done spring to fall.  The month’s prior to or after these present problems with respect to ground settlement due to frost or freezing, snow and ice covering, or excessive moisture in the soil, not to mention the inability to grow healthy turf.  Once the spring rain subsides enough to allow the ground to be worked the Street Division handles the landscape restorations, asphalt repair, and concrete curb or sidewalk repair in the orders in which they were excavated.  

It is Public Works Policy to restore these areas to the same conditions which they were prior to the excavation.  Replacing the concrete apron on a concrete drive, asphalt for an asphalt driveway apron, etc.  If it is possible to utilize a portion of the existing apron, whether it be concrete or asphalt that will be handled on a case by case basis.  An example of this would be a concrete apron having two slabs and only one was affected by the excavation.  Then the City would only replace the one damaged slab or with asphalt the City would saw cut and replace the patch with new asphalt to the same height.

utility rest-truckTurf grass restorations will be done by using topsoil and grass seed.  Sod is not used due to need for supplemental water.  Sod requires frequent and often daily watering depending on the weather conditions.  In order to accommodate all the restorations and divisional responsibilities staff is unable to provide the ongoing care sod requires up to its establishment.  Even though soil and seed require less watering the City would ask every resident to please help establish any restoration area by providing it with supplemental water should the weather conditions or lack of natural rain require it.


Report possible restorations to the Public Works Department (630) 350-3530.