Skunk Removal

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As a resident of Wood Dale, you may qualify for discounted skunk trapping services provided by ABC Humane Wildlife Control & Prevention, Inc. Please call (630) 766-2060 and choose OPTION #2 to seek approval for discounted wildlife trapping services. 

A non-refundable deposit of $25 must be paid by the resident, and the City will pay for the remainder of the cost of setting of the trap, removal of any animals captured, and removal of the trap after completion.  At this time, there are limited funds allocated to this program, and they will be awarded on a first-come first-served basis. 

In order to be eligible for this program, the resident must be experiencing activity on their property by the skunk in the form of burrowing or damage to the property.  The occasional smell of skunks in the neighborhood does not qualify for trapping services, as experience has shown that attempting to trap skunks that are not actually living on the property have been unsuccessful. 

Once a representative has confirmed your property is within the municipality’s limits, the representative will assist you in completing the Trapping Services Voucher, which will then be given to you. The City will contact ABC Humane Wildlife and let them know that you have paid for a voucher.  If you do not hear from the company within 24 hours, residents can contact ABC Wildlife at (847) 870–7175 to schedule your initial inspection and trap-setting. 

The resident must meet with the trapping company on the initial visit to show where the damage or burrowing is occurring, and Illinois law requires that the resident provide written permission for the trapping to occur on their property. 

If you have questions regarding voucher approval, please contact the Police Department at (630) 766-2060 and choose OPTION #2.  Please note, a voucher request can only be approved by the Department.

If you have any questions regarding the wildlife trapping process, please contact ABC Wildlife at (847) 870–7175 or live chat with a customer service representative through ABC’s website at