Construction Updates

Ward 2/3 Stormwater Improvement Project

With regular, heavy storms increasing, City Council has taken steps to develop a multi-year, multi-phase flood control project that will benefit hundreds of Wood Dale homes. The first phases of this project saw completion this past year with improvements made to Squaw Creek and Dalewood Avenue.

This coming summer, the City will embark on the next phase of the plan on the southwest side, in wards 2 and 3, that will increase inlet capacity, enlarge underground conveyance and storage, and divert water into underground storage facilities for up to 2.4 million gallons, with lift station and discharge piping. The City is working on grant funding as well as in conjunction with other local governmental entities to provide these solutions that will reduce flooding and lessen the impact on our residents.


Phase 1: Underground storage along Potter & Prospect, which includes a lift station, bringing the forcemain to Dalewood, and bringing collector sewers from Sarah/Irmen intersections to connect to the underground storage; and a rear-yard storm sewer along Gilbert

Phase 2: Additional storage at Westview Elementary school (2021) pending approval.

Phase 3: Southern underground storage, lift station and forcemain to Gilbert and development of  collector sewers

The City realizes that during construction, many streets will have limited accessibility and will do everything it can to reduce the impact on residents’ quality of life. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we upgrade our infrastructure to make Wood Dale an even better place to call home.

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