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The City of Wood Dale strives to keep its residents informed of upcoming neighborhood improvement projects that affect them. Through timely communication, our goal is to lessen any inconveniences faced during construction. As always, we welcome any feedback regarding these Neighborhood Improvement Projects. Please contact us at (630) 350-3530.


Sidewalk Replacement

In the coming weeks, the City will be taking steps to replace damaged and irreparable sidewalk areas throughout ward 3. City staff has already identified sidewalk sections in need of replacement and will mark them prior to the beginning of construction.

Roadway Regrinding

City streets often encounter decades of wear and tear, making the need for a smooth safe ride crucial to motorists.  Diamond grinding was first used as part of an engineered system to preserve pavement in 1965. Asphalt is ground and grooved just as done with concrete pavement. It is frequently performed to improve smoothness, reduce imperfections, add texture and friction, and repair the profile while increasing drainage.

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Asphalt Rejuvenation

Asphalt rejuvenation focuses on suspending the current age of paved surfaces. Ideal candidates for treatment include roads that have been paved within the past five years. By applying a rejuvenation product to surfaces, aging can be delayed 5-7 years, reducing wear and surface cracking, sealing out moisture, and preventing oxidation.

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