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The following articles are available in the Senior Spirit  December 2017 e-newsletter by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors.

 Easy Ways to Start Exercising

 Ways to get your muscles moving for a happier you in the New Year.

Avoid These 20 Top Tax Mistakes

A list of common tax mistakes to ensure you don’t pay more than you need to on your 2017 returns.

Transitioning to a Senior Care Facility

Ideas for helping older adults mentally and physically make the move from home to assisted living.

Best Fall Prevention Technology for 2018

New cell phone apps have just been developed that not only claim to predict the likelihood of a fall, but can also help prevent the chances of future falls.

Encouraging Older Entrepreneurs

 Encourage and connect older entrepreneurs throughout the U.S.

Look Who Is Turning 65

View the celebrities turning 65 in December 2017.

The following articles are available in the Senior Spirit  November 2017 e-newsletter by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors

Top Stories in Aging

Taking Care of Yourself When You Are a Caregiver
Taking care of yourself is one of the most important — and often the most forgotten — things you can do as a caregiver.

Creating Support Systems for Seniors Dealing with Substance Abuse
For older adults dealing with substance abuse issues, the right social support can be critical. Tips on how to create a support system for someone dealing with substance abuse.

Seniors Want Walkability, Too, Survey Says
A senior population boom is poised to reshape not just the way Americans think of old age, but how developers respond and build for this changing community.

Wringing Cash From Life Insurance
It comes as a surprise to many older adults that the life insurance policies they’ve been paying premiums on for years might bring them money while they’re still alive.

Aging in America: Land of the Free, Home of the Gray
A changing attitude toward work is only one cultural shift the USA will need to grapple with as an aging America becomes less of a far-off prediction and more of a full-blown reality.

Colorado Is the Best State for Aging
A booming economy and collaboration with the private sector helps Colorado serve its seniors better than any other state.


The following articles are available in the Senior Spirit October 2017 e-newsletter by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors.

Proven Best Way to Decrease Your Risk for Alzheimer’s and Dementia
The most recent comprehensive research analysis from hundreds of studies finds three practices may reduce cognitive decline.

Five Best Places to Live Well on Social Security Alone
Retirees can find quality of life on a fixed income by relocating outside the United States.

RV Insurance: Is Auto Insurance Company Coverage Enough?
Evaluate the pros and cons of insurance through an RV insurance company versus your auto insurer.

Virtual Reality Puts Seniors Behind the Lenses
VR is going after the Baby Boomer market and it’s worth taking a look.

Colorado Peaches
Senior women find a sense of community and competition as members of the Colorado Peaches, a team that is only open to those 70 years of age or older.


The following articles are available in the Senior Spirit  September  2017 e-newsletter by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors.

Busting the Top Five Medicare Myths
Avoid becoming a victim of what you think you know about Medicare.

Smart Banking for Seniors
A few changes to your banking habits can net you more money than you think.

Best Five Tips for Aging Alone: How Elder Orphans Can Live Well
Five ideas you need to consider for becoming a happy single retiree.

 Take Away the Keys, Not the Mobility
New features of rideshare services let Mom and Dad keep their independence.