Construction Updates

Update: February 14
As part of the Squaw Creek Project, Dalewood will be closed at the Squaw Creek Crossing, Feb 15-Feb 22.  This is to replace the headwalls at the culvert underneath Dalewood.  This project is part of the larger Ward 2/3 Stormwater Project that will be ongoing for the next 2-3 years to help alleviate flooding within this area.

Squaw Creek Headwall and Streambank

The City of Wood Dale is reconstructing the Headwall of Squaw Creek.  This project begins between Miller Drive and Dalewood, where the Squaw Creek daylights from the City Storm Sewer System. 

This project will include the reconstruction of the Headwall, reestablishment of the stream banks, and the realigning of a portion of the Dalewood sidewalk.

 Squaw Creek - Draft Plans