Brush Collection

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The City’s Curbside Brush Collection is a service offered to Wood Dale residents to assist them with their landscape maintenance. The program is designed to dispose of large branches and tree limbs that cannot be collected through regular refuse collection. Curbside Brush Collection is available from April-November.

Program Guidelines

The City will have 6 different Brush Collection weeks.  Superior Ground Services, Inc, will begin on the Monday of each week and will have 5 days to complete each cycle.

April 9-13
May 21-25
July 16-20
September 17-21
October 22-26
November 26-30

Branches and limbs must be on the curb BY 6:30 A.M. on the Monday of each collection week. Only ONE PASS is made through each area. NO CALLBACKS are allowed. If brush is placed at the curb after the routes have been completed, it will not be picked up until the following month and must be removed from the parkway.  No material may be placed curbside prior to the SUNDAY before the scheduled pickup.

Volume & Brush Size Requirements
In order to maintain program efficiency, the following guidelines are strictly adhered to:

  • Any brush or trees which are trimmed or cut by a private contractor will not be removed.

  • Special pick up services will still be made by the Wood Dale Public Works Department following major storms to remove debris.

  • Christmas tree removal is done in the Month of January by the Wood Dale Public Works Department.

  • If you have branches to be removed outside of the Fall pick up schedule that are 2” to 8” in diameter, or larger, they must be cut to 14" in length and neatly stacked at the curb for possible removal by consumers for fire wood.

  • Branches less than 2” in diameter must be securely tied in bundles, no more than 4’ in length (tie with twine only, no wire or strapping materials); small twigs and branches less than 2’ in length should be put into your yard waste container, or brown paper yard waste bag, and also placed at the curb for weekly waste pick up by the City’s refuse contractor.

  • Large roots and dirt must be removed from any brush and put into your yard waste container, for weekly waste pick up by the City’s refuse contractor.

For additional information call the Public Works Department at (630) 350-3530